Silicone Band Flash Light And Phone Mount Holder

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  • Length: 14.5cm.
  • Highly elastic and stretchable up to 30cm.
  • Great way to hang stuff securely upon bikes.
  • Wide usage: flashlights, speakers, cell phones.
  • Available in different┬á colors.
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Silicone Band Flash Light And Phone Mount Holder

How about a nice way to attach your mobile phones or flashlights to the bike? Are you short of such good accessories? Bring this silicone band flash light attaching device home. And experience the joy bringing you comfort and convenience. This is durable as well as a very easy-to-install device. You can use it as a go pro mount light, as bicycle holders, or as a flashlight holder for bikes. You may also use the same product as a bicycle light mounting bracket, a bike flashlight holder, or a flashlight mount.

Silicone Band Flash Light Holder For All Bike Riders

There will be no more fidgeting with multi-piece brackets and screws when using this flashlight strap tool. This elastic flashlight holder keeps things stationary and easily mounts a light when needed. You can even remove it quickly and easily and then store it in your day pack when not in need. It helps keep your bars uncluttered with bulky mount when not needed. Furthermore, these ribbons work extremely well for quick add-ons to the handlebars or down tube. With flashlights that require a tight screw or cause breakage, these products are better options. They hold cell phones as well as speakers for you.

Multipurpose Holders For Several Objects

You can use the elastic flashlight holder to hold lights and in fact, several other needed things. This flashlight strap can be a great investment. It also holds flashlights securely whenever you are driving your bicycle during the night. During these times, your flashlights are the only option to see the path. You can hence use these products to attach several objects of various shapes and sizes to your bike. Further, these are sturdy and lightweight products. These bands are of high-quality silicone and are innoxious as well as come with no peculiar smell.

Specification:  Silicone Band Flash Light And Phone Mount Holder

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 Silicone Band Flash Light And Phone Mount Holder
 Silicone Band Flash Light And Phone Mount Holder


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