Silicone Dry Snorkel Diving Mask for Adults


  1. Features
  • Silicone-based Skirt
  • Four-Lens Panoramic View
  • Double-Feathered Edge Skirt for Perfect Fit
  • Polycarbonate Tempered Glass Lens
  • Quick-Adjust Ratcheting Mask Strap Buckles
  • Suited for Snorkeling & Scuba Diving
  1. Colors
  • Clear Blue
  • Clear Black
  • Black + Red
  • Black + Silver
  1. Delivery & Package
  • 1 * Four-Lens Panoramic Scuba Diving Mask
  • 1 * Cressi PANO4

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If you have been to beaches and love snorkeling or underwater diving, then we hope you will be aware of what is a Dry Snorkel. This type of snorkel comes with a covered top that prevents water from entering into the tube from both the surface or when underwater. Every snorkeler will have at least a dry snorkel with them while going swimming. Provided with a valve mechanism, the dry snorkel performs well. When a diver goes underwater, the valve reacts via a float mechanism. That locks from the top of the lid and prevents the water from entering into it. To relax and enjoy the deep-water marine life while snorkeling, we recommend you use the Cressi PANO4 Dry Snorkeling with 4-Lens Panoramic Scuba Diving Mask.


This item has crafted for both beginner-level and expert-level snorkelers. In particular, beginners can benefit the most with this Silicone-based dry snorkel. It provides a clear vision underwater, therefore, helping the snorkeler to prevent panic and also blocking the water from entering the tube.

Features of the Silicone Dry Snorkel Diving Mask 

Dry Snorkels offer a lot of benefits to snorkelers, especially, for the underwater marine seekers. Let’s see the benefits of this Cressi PANO4 Dry Snorkeling Diving Mask.


● Minimum/No Water in the Tube

It is the prime advantage of this silicone product. Wherever you go snorkeling, you may get a mouthful of water occasionally. But with this dry snorkel, the water can’t enter into the tube. Therefore, you will have an enhanced snorkeling experience.


● Hassle-Free Snorkeling

With the very less amount of liquid in the funnel and need to clear the snorkel less often; you will take a long time in the water, along with the enjoyment exploring beneath the surface. You will be guaranteed to be able to swim for a long period without having to come up to the surface, adjust, precise, or choke on seawater.


● Mask for all Genders

This PANO4 is designed for snorkelers of all genders. Both men and women can wear this mask. The buyer will only have to select the color of their choice since there is no gender-based bias on the design.

Specification: Silicone Dry Snorkel Diving Mask for Adults

Model Number


Brand Name




County of origin-mask


County of origin-snorkel


Available colors


Mask type

Four-lens panoramic mask

Snorkel type

Dry snorkel

Mask lense

Tempered Glass lens


For adults

Set option

Mask&snorkel set

Suitable for

Snorkeling and scuba diving

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Silicone Dry Snorkel Diving Mask for Adults
Silicone Dry Snorkel Diving Mask for Adults
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