Ski Sticks With Durable Carbon Fiber Material


  • Best for skiing, hiking, trekking, mountain climbing, and other outdoor adventure
  • Color: RED, BLACK
  • Size: S(100cm-115cm); L(115cm-135cm) / Folding size:S(36cm); L(38cm)
  • Material: Tip: Carbon Tungsten Steel • Grip: EVA Foam Handle •
  • Package content: 2 x Ski Sticks
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Ski Sticks With Durable Carbon Fiber Material

Ski sticks are an important tool for skiing. Without it, it is quite difficult to do an intense winter sport like skiing. It allows you to slide and glide with your ski boards in steep ski mountains. It keeps you balanced and on your feet. Apart from skiing, you can use this pair for trekking, hiking, walking, and so much more outdoor activities. These poles are surely a must-bring when you depart for a winter adventure! Moreover, when winter is over and you want to go mountaineering, this one is a perfect tool as well. Whether you want to go trail running, mountain climbing, or simply walk on steep places, these canes are very useful.

Product Specification

The material of this foldable stick is 100-% carbon fiber. Carbon fibers are famous for their durability. It is often compared with steel and is concluded to perform as good or even better. This ski tool can be adjusted according to your preferred height. The length of the small one is 100 cm to 115 cm. And the large one is 115 cm to 135 cm. If you fold it, the small size becomes 36 cm only. While the large one fold at 38 cm only. Despite its foldable feature, these sticks are actually lightweight. You can easily add it to your backpack or any luggage. It is very handy and convenient to carry around. With not much effort, it contributes to making your skiing experience safe and enjoyable.

The tip of the stick is constructed in Carbon Tungsten Steel, making it sturdy and durable. It is has a design that can sustain heavyweight and ensures stability as well. The grip of the stick uses an EVA foam handle, which is high quality. You can easily and securely have a good grip while using the stick. This is slip-proof so your grip is secure and safe while you hold onto your skiing canes. The wristband of the stick uses COOLMAX. This is a breathable and quick-drying material that makes it easier to hold and is comfortable for the wrist. This is also an important feature that supports your wrist in case you lost grip from the handle.

Product Details

This set includes 2 ski poles. These poles come in the color combination of red and black. The weight of the small size is 219 grams while the large one is at 239 grams. Definitely, it doesn’t add up so much weight on your bag right? It is available in 2 sizes which are small and large. The small one can be expandable at 100cm-115cm. And the large one can extend from 115cm-135cm. Once folded, it becomes 36cm and 38cm respectively.

Specification: Ski Sticks With Durable Carbon Fiber Material

Brand Name


Joint Number


Damping System


Model Number


Outdoor Activity


Shaft Material

Carbon Fiber


Straight Grip Handle

Handle Material


Stick Tip

Carbon Tungsten Steel

Length (cm)

S(100cm-115cm); L(115cm-135cm)

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Ski Sticks With Durable Carbon Fiber Material
Ski Sticks With Durable Carbon Fiber Material


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