Snap Hook with Aluminum Spool Finger Reel


• It is made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel
• It is Multifunctional
• Durable and corrosion-resistant
• High visibility line for easy identification, available in 15m and 30m length
• Lightweight and compact

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Snap Hook with Aluminum Spool Finger Reel

Snap hook and finger reels are essential tools for divers. They are for a lot of diving applications such as to keep in contact with the surface support and to serve as a guide back to a known starting point. Moreover, you can use it for different operation whether for search or retrieval. This type of spool and hook are ideal for the shallow deployment of buoys. Furthermore, you may also use it in connecting a driver from one laid line in a cave system to another. That way, you can ensure that you are with the line leading back out of the cave. This product ensures your safety so you can dive with ease.

Features Of The Snap Hook

The material of the product is from quality materials to ensure sturdiness and usage longevity. The material of the spool finger reel is aluminum alloy. While the double end bolt snap hook is from stainless steel. Both materials are heavy duty and corrosion-resistant. This product also comes with a high visibility line that makes for easy identification, available in different lengths.

It comes with a unique flared design that allows optimal line control and flexibility. It gives you ease when winding with gloves under cold temperatures. Its stainless steel swivel connector prevents twisting and entanglement. Best of all, it is small in size, lightweight and easy to carry wherever you go. This product is multi-functional and a definite must-have for all recreational and technical scuba divers.

Product Tips

When using the product, keep the line firm and tight to prevent possible entanglement. If ever that the line has a problem, just unspool and reload it under tension before using the reel again. This is to prevent the product from jamming and locking. For optimal use, it is best to select the correct line length suited for different diving activities. Using the wrong length can lead to complications and potential endangerment of diver. It is important to store diving equipment away from sources that cause oxidation. It is best to keep this equipment in a dry place, away from heat and direct sunlight.

Specification: Snap Hook with Aluminum Spool Finger Reel

Model Number





Aluminium Alloy



Size 1

15m High Visibility Line (Diameter 55cm)

Size 2

30m High Visibility Line (Diameter 65cm)


Black, Gold, Blue, Grey

Color of the line



Spool Reel


Scuba Diving

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Snap Hook with Aluminum Spool Finger Reel
Snap Hook with Aluminum Spool Finger Reel


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