Soccer Stickers Wall Room Decoration

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  • Add fun and beauty to your room
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Comes with three different unique designs
  • Material: Pvc, plastic
  • Size: 70cm x 40cm / 50cm x 40xm / 1cm x 11cm
  • Package content: 1  x Soccer Stickers
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Soccer Stickers Wall Room Decoration

Soccer stickers are a nice way to add flavor to your rooms. May it be a bedroom, living room, kitchen, or even an office. Putting art into a room can sometimes be costly. Especially if you use paint. Thanks to innovation and new inventions. You can beautify your room by just using a sticker.

Unique Design

The wall stickers have a soccer sport design. The designs are so unique as it has a 3D effect when you place it on the wall. The first design is a flying ball with a fire effect breaking through the wall. The second design is a big soccer ball breaking through the wall. And lastly, the third design is a group of small soccer balls.

Perfect Gift/ Giveaway

These stickers are so uniquely designed you can use it as a giveaway for parties, sporting events, and other social gatherings. It may also be given as a gift to individuals or a group of people who loves soccer, and those who play soccer. The best part is, there are three different designs to choose from. So if you decide to give to boys and who are in the same family, you can opt to give different designs to each.

Where to paste?

A noteworthy thing about this sticker decoration is that you can paste it to almost anywhere. It is not just only for walls but for other surfaces too. You may also place it on ceramic tiles, windows, smooth wallpaper, metal surface, wooden surface, and plastic surface.  The only limit that you can’t place the sticker is on ash surfaces, broken surfaces, wet emulsion paint, and textile.

Specs fo the Soccer Stickers

The material used for the stickers is a combination of PVC and plastic. Sizes differ depending on the design. The one that has the biggest size is the first design( the one with fire), it is 70cm wide and 50cm high. The second biggest design is the big soccer ball design with 50cm wide and 40cm high. Lastly, the third design is only 11cm x 11cm. You can cut them individually and scatter the balls around the wall or room.


Specification: Soccer Stickers Wall Room Decoration

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Plane Wall Sticker



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Soccer Stickers Wall Room Decoration
Soccer Stickers Wall Room Decoration
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