Surf Pad Deck Grip Pad Surf Traction Pad

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  • Be safe and slip-free when using your surfboards with the help of these surf pads
  • It has a rising center arched pad with multiple diamond plate pattern to give a good grip on the feet
  • It is easy to place and can help you save time, money and energy from waxing your board from time to time
  • Material: EVA
  • Size: 18in x 13.5 inches / 13 in x 1oin
  • Package content: 2 x Surf Pads
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Surf Pad Deck Grip Pad Surf Traction Pad

Surf pad deck grip pad surf traction pad is a must-have accessory for surfboards. Its function is more for safety than aesthetics. The location where you should put the pads should be at the back-end side of the board. The main function of these pads is to protect you from slipping when you stand up. A surfboard that does not have this traction pad is as same as walking on ice. Slippery and unstable. You will just end up sliding to the water instead of sliding through the waves. Having this traction pads is important to fully enjoy the surfing experience.

Advantages of having a surf pad

Are you getting tired of putting wax on your surfboard just so it is not slippery? Does it cost you more if you get to buy a wax over and over? Well, you can now get away with all those troubles. Therefore, you can now put an end to the tiring process of applying wax to your surfboard. Save time, energy and more money by just putting a traction pad. With these pads, you don’t have to worry about those wax melting away under the heat of the sun. Lastly, these pads can help you maneuver your boards better when surfing on big strong waves.

Important Note:

To fully enjoy the benefits and advantages of the traction pads, make sure they are placed strategically well. Putting is should be almost perfectly done as removing it can be very difficult and may damage the pads already. So accuracy is the king when placing it.

Product Details

The product only has one color, a classic black to make sure it fits whatever surfboard color you have. The material used is EVA.  This material is usually and ideal to use for traction pads. Lastly, the pads have multiple groove pattern with diamond plate textures bumps to help give your feet a good grip.

Specification: Surf Pad Deck Grip Pad Surf Traction Pad

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Surfboard pad

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Surf Pad Deck Grip Pad Surf Traction Pad
Surf Pad Deck Grip Pad Surf Traction Pad


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