Surfboard Sock Cover Stretchy Protective Bag

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  • Keep your surfboards protected from the UV rays and scratches with this protective bag made with a quick dry stretchable material
  • HAs a 600D nose reinforced nose protector, drawstring close and small inner pocket
  • Can protect and be used for hardboards, shortboards, and surfboards
  • Material: Polyester
  • Size: 8ft / 9ft / 10ft
  • Package Content: 1 x Surfboard Socks
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Surfboard Sock Cover Stretchy Protective Bag

Surfboard sock cover stretchy protective bag is an essential accessory for surfboards. Used for protection for the boards. You may also call these bags as board socks because they look like one. Also, the way you use it is just like when you wear socks; you just slip them on.

Taking care of surfboards is essential as they don’t come cheap. If you wish to use your boards for a long time, then you must take care of it. One way to do that is to place it inside a bag that can cover it and keep it safe.

Surfboard Sock Use

Surfboards are exposed to the sun and saltwater mainly because you use it to surf. As a result, the wear, and tear is pretty high. Keep the boards away from the sun when not in use. The socks can help achieve that. All you got to do is slip the board in. These protective socks come in very handy when you need to transport and carry the surfboard. You can prevent a sharp and rough object from putting a scratch on the board. Lastly, it seals in whatever melted wax there is because of the heat of the sun.

More about the Product

The stretchy polyester material of the socks makes it easy to out the boards. It has a 600D nose protector and a drawstring to close. Furthermore, it has a small internal pocket where you can put it small essential things. The socks are lightweight, breathable, easy to wash, and dry. You even have six different colors to choose from. It has three different sizes so you can use it to protect your hard boards, shortboards, and surfboards. If you wish to store it, you can just fold and keep in a cabinet or bag future use.


Specification: Surfboard Sock Cover Stretchy Protective Bag

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Surf sock cover

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Surfboard Sock Cover Stretchy Protective Bag
Surfboard Sock Cover Stretchy Protective Bag


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