Survival Water Purifier Outdoor Adventure Accessory 

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  • This filters up to 2000 liters of natural fresh-water without using any chemicals
  • Easily set up a DIY filtration system by attaching on 28 mm thread soda bottles like Coca-Cola bottle, plastic bag, collapsible bottle or bucket
  • You can drink directly from a water source like a straw
  • Size:¬†40 x 136 mm
  • Material:¬†ABS, UF(medical grade), Silicone
  • Capacity: 2000L
  • Package Content: 1 x 1 survival water
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Survival Water Purifier For Your Next Outdoor Adventure

A survival water purifier is an essential tool you can use whenever you are planning outdoor activities. Such as hiking, hunting, and camping. In every outdoor activity that you would choose to do, there are instances that you are run out of water.

Thus, the only thing you can do is to be resourceful. This is where you get water from other resources, and you are not sure about the quality of it. In response to this survival, this water purifier is here to help, this is for the people who usually go on different outdoor activities.

Features Of The Product

This is from the combination of the following, ABS, UF and Silicone. Worrying that this could harm you? These materials are eco-friendly to use, so stop hesitating in using this. The good thing about this is it is portable to use. Carrying this way out is not a hard thing, you can put this in your camping bag, pocket or just hold it.

This water purifier is with mini straw. You can use this by attaching it to your water source. This may be water from the jag, plastic bag and many more. Moreover, this has a versatile design, which is trendy and fashionable. The filtration power of this thing is inevitable. You are guaranteed that you can drink safe and clean water at the same time.

This filters the dirt, bacteria small species, and insects that may contain the water, without chemicals. Furthermore, this has a reliable filtration which gives a 0.1-micron membrane. An indication that this can remove a 99.999999% rate of bacteria.


This water purifier is the best for your camping, hiking, fishing and other outdoor activities. Not only that but as well as for your indoor activities. This is a mini water purifier with a size of 40 x 136 mm and has a capacity of 2L.


Specification: Survival Water Purifier Outdoor Adventure Accessory 

Brand Name


Firltration Pore Size







ABS , UF(medical grade), Silicone

Filtration Capacity


Water flow



Outdoor Water Filter


camping,hiking ,fishing


Portable Water Filter


Running Fresh Water Source

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Survival Water Purifier Outdoor Adventure Accessory 
Survival Water Purifier Outdoor Adventure Accessory 
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