Motivational Sticker: Home Gym Motivational Wall Décor

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  • Non-Toxic Environmentally Friendly Materials.
  • Suitable For Any Clean And Smooth Surface.
  • Durable And Easily Maintained.
  • Well Packaged In PVC Tube With Three Layers Of Bubble-Wrap.
  • Design And Dimensions Of The Sticker Can Be Customized
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When a person embarks on the journey to physical fitness, the most important thing is motivation which keeps the will power strong enough and forces a person to work towards their fitness goals. The best way to remain motivated is to make sure that your exercising space/ home gym is welcoming with this motivational sticker.

Motivational Sticker Décor Features:

Our motivational stickers are made from environmentally friendly, non-toxic and no odor materials that will give a very fresh look to your home gym. The default color available is black but can be customized according to the requirements of the customers. The stickers are fit to be used for any surfaces such as tiles, plain walls, wooden surfaces, glass windows, plastic, metal, etc. they are easy to place and remove and their upkeep is extremely easy preferably with a soft brush or a piece of cloth. Currently, the stickers are available in Medium (42 × 72 cm) and Large (56 × 72 cm). But, just as the color and print of the product, the size of the sticker can also be customized.

PVC Tube and Setting Up Process:

The process of putting up the stickers is easy and simple. With the help of a transfer film, the sticker can be stuck onto the required surface. The film has to place on top of the sticker and rubbed with a piece of cloth. The next step is to take the first layer off. Place the sticker on top of the required surface and rubbed to get rid of any air bubbles. Last but not least, the transfer film has to be peeled off completely. It gives you the required motivation to work hard and that is where our Motivational Stickers will help you.

The packaging of the product is done in a careful manner to ensure that no harm occurs during delivery. A PVC tube and several layers of bubble wrap are used for this purpose.

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Motivational Sticker: Home Gym Motivational Wall Décor
Motivational Sticker: Home Gym Motivational Wall Décor


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