The Wheel Axle With Easy Installation And High Strength

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  • High quality, durable, firmness, very light and strong.
  • Easy installation and removal.
  • It can be applied to road and mountain bikes and more.
  • Material used is metal.
  • Bearing is 6000 and optional types are rear and front.
  • Distance: front solid shaft (14 cm) and rear solid shaft (18 cm).
  • Package contents: 1 x bicycle wheel hub axle.
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The Wheel Axle With Easy Installation And High Strength

Bikes require a wheel axle with the required features for optimum results. The axle you get here has great features as per these needs. The wheel axles are very lightweight. They do not ask for extra efforts while training and are also good for long term cycling. The axle is very easy to install. You may also disassemble it with an equal amount of ease. It is quick to replace and disassemble and easy to use overall. It is highly responsible for making your journey on the bike more comfortable and more convenient. Let us have a look at other features of the axle of a wheel.

Features Of The Wheel Axle

The product is of high quality metal as the material for manufacturing. Precision machining has been done in the manufacturing process. The axle is of great strength, high durability, and long service life. One cannot easily break the axle due to its quality and strength. Though it is super light, but that does not weaken it. The product is suitable for so many kinds of bikes. You may use it with the road bikes as well as mountain bikes. The axle of wheel is a necessary bike repair tool accessory.

Various Specifications Of The Product

The axle is firm, ultralight and adds no heaviness to the trainee or long time rider. In case the length is matched, one may use the product for almost all kinds of bikes. The product is in a brand new condition, with high-quality metal used. The axle is a much-needed product for bikes like the dirt bike. And it must be one with good strength, firmness, lightweight, durability, and other great features. Its easy use and speedy installation make it suitable for use. And you can use it any time you feel the need to have one to install or remove a wheel when other tools are absent.

Specification: The Wheel Axle With Easy Installation And High Strength


Bearing Hub


Aluminum Alloy

Disc Mount


Braking System

Disc Brake


Front + Rear

Brand Name


Hub Hole Number

– –

Spoke Hole

– –

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The Wheel Axle With Easy Installation And High Strength
The Wheel Axle With Easy Installation And High Strength


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