Tibetan Singing Bowl Buddhism Meditation Bell

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  • It is made of wood and copper which produces a rich, harmonic and soothing sound that lasts for a long duration
  • It is used for meditation, music, relaxation, personal well-being, healing energy, and chakra creation
  • It produces energetic and vibrating sounds which provided stress-free relaxation
  • Inner Diameter: 8.5cm
  • Package content:
    • 1 x Singing Bowl
    • 1 x Hand Hammered
    • 1 x Manual
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Tibetan Singing Bowl Buddhism Meditation Bell

A Tibetan singing bowl might be a new product for those who are not familiar with it. But if you practice health, meditation, yoga, and any field of a similar sort, you may know what this is. It is relatively a very useful tool to enable one’s self to be at peace within them. So if you are stressing out with some negativity, you may find it hard to find something effective to make you relax. This product can help you.

With our toxic surroundings and stressful society. We always experience negative energies around us. It is normal to feel this way because we’re only human after all. However, this singing bowl is proven and tested by a lot of professionals to help ease our mental distress and improve our state. It can enhance your well-being. So you can try to use it and realize how beneficial it will be for your own quality of life.

Product Features

This bowl is very harmonious and produces soothing sounds that could last for long durations. It also produces energetic and vibrating sounds. Which provides stress-free relaxation. The material is copper and wooden materials. So it is fully effective, easy, and convenient to use.

Uses Of The Product

This singing bowl produces sounds that can be for meditation. Furthermore, it is for ambiance music, relaxation, personal well-being, healing energy, and chakra creation. There is a wide range of professionals who uses it. This includes health professionals, school teachers, musicians, and spiritual teachers. Singing bowls are used in health care. By psychotherapists, massage therapists, cancer, and stress and meditation specialists. They are also to help treat cancer patients and also for post-traumatic stress disorder. They are even popular in classrooms to help facilitate group activities and focus students’ attention.

Product Details Of The Tibetan Singing Bowl

The entire package comes with a singing bowl, a hand hammer, and a manual. The bowl is of copper and wood. It produces high-quality sound. You can use this for a very long time. The diameter size is 8.5 cm. So the size is just enough.

Specification: Tibetan Singing Bowl Buddhism Meditation Bell

Model Number

Buddhism Singing Bowl

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Tibetan Singing Bowl Buddhism Meditation Bell
Tibetan Singing Bowl Buddhism Meditation Bell


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