Tire Valve Stem For Preventing Unsafe Factors

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  • Durable, strong, corrosion resistant, anti-aging, and temperature resistant.
  • Used to easily access tire pressure checking, and prevent unsafe factors.
  • Colors: red and orange and more.
  • Material used is CNC aluminum alloy.
  • Size: available is 40*22*18 mm.
  • Package contents: 2 x wheel tire valve stems.
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Tire Valve Stem For Preventing Unsafe Factors

The wheel tire valve stem forms a great tire valve system for all bike riders. The tire valve stems are of the CNC aluminum alloy as the manufacturing material. Their placement is on the wheels of the vehicle. Regarding their design, they have a bend at ninety degrees.  This kind of design makes the task more convenient and easy. The basic function of the wheel tire valve stems is to allow an easier way to fill the tires. Also, they allow an easier access for checking pressure in the tires. In addition, tubeless valves play a great role in the prevention of unsafe factors quite effectively. Let us see some more of its features.

More On The Tire Valve Stem In Bikes

The valve stems contain the rubber seals of superior quality. They have great and useful features like they are resistant to corrosion and are highly strong. Further, the product is anti-aging, so you may use it longer than usual. Moreover, the valve stems are also resistant to different temperatures, whether low or high. So, these features make the product really worthy of use. They are easy to use with the only requirement of bolting it on. It is perfect for DIY installation as well. The valve stems are just perfect and fit for different motorcycles along with other bikes. Though, they should use a valve stems with a measurement of 11.3 mm.

Coming To The Specifications Of This Product

The valve stems are also available in various colors like black, orange, blue, silver, grey, golden, purple, red and yellow. They are of a particular size and very effective. They are helpful in preventing factors due to the puncture rollover of auto vacuum valves. You may use them to replace the older or broken ones. They are portable and necessary tools with bikes.

Specification: Tire Valve Stem For Preventing Unsafe Factors


Aluminum Alloy, Rubber

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Tire Valve Stem For Preventing Unsafe Factors
Tire Valve Stem For Preventing Unsafe Factors


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