V Brakes Bicycle Safety Riding Accessories

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  • Ensures the stability of your bike in certain emergency situations
  • Offers a  wonderful braking mechanism
  • Excellent sensitivity and excellent flexibility
  • Material: aluminum alloy, plastic
  • Size: 110mm
  • Package content:
    • 1 x V Brakes (front and rear universal models)
    • 1 x Curved Rods
    • 1 x Rubber Covers
    • 2 x Screws
    • 2 x Gaskets
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V Brakes Bicycle Safety Riding Accessories

V brakes are bicycle brakes to ensure a safe riding experience. This type of brake is considered as a cantilever brake but as the side-pull version. These brakes are mounted on the same frame bosses of a cantilever brake too. The only difference is that this brake has longer arms. Given that there may be other brake mechanisms that exist today that actually functions well. This type of brake is still considered one of the best brake mechanisms as it offers great braking.

Advantages of V Brakes

Just like in any other product it comes with advantages and disadvantages but for this one, we’ll just focus on the advantages. Because that is what matters most.

First on the list for the advantages is that they are less expensive than disc brakes. That alone is a big plus.

The second advantage is that they are easy to replace, maintain because it is even on the go. This is beneficial for those riders who are too busy and do not have much time for maintenance.

The third advantage is that it does not strain the spokes or hubs. This is a good advantage as having this kind of brake also prevents damage to other bicycle parts.

The fourth advantage is that it does not get in the way of the mounting of a rear kickstand. It will be easier to put your kickstand without obstruction. Less hassle, less stress.

And lastly, in case you need braking components and spare brake shoes, they are more readily available for this kind of brake.

Product Details and Specs

The material for this product is aluminum alloy and plastic. It is high-quality with durable performance. It has excellent sensitivity and flexibility. Making sure that your bicycle remains stable in case of emergencies.  It is easy to use and install. Take note though that your brake levers are compatible with this kind of brake mechanism.

Specification: V Brakes Bicycle Safety Riding Accessories

Braking System

V Brake (Friction Wheel Brake)



Model Number

Bike Brake



Black Silver


brake for bicycle




Bicycle brakes

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V Brakes Bicycle Safety Riding Accessories
V Brakes Bicycle Safety Riding Accessories


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