Soccer Bibs Colorful Football Accessories

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  • Durable soccer bibs
  • Also use for lacrosse, football, hockey, basketball or volleyball
  • Air permeability feature
  • Does not deform easily
  • Package includes 1x Training Vest
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Choose from various colors of these soccer bibs. They are available in colors of Purple, Black, Green, Yellow, White, Dark Blue, Red, Orange, Rose Red, Sky Blue, and Fluorescent Green. Use the apparel and football accessory to identify between different teams during training. 

Soccer Bibs Features

The soccer bibs are made of durable and high-quality polyester material so you can use them in the summer or winter. There are bright colors to choose from, beneficial for your team during training. It does dry quicker, breathable, and comfortable to wear. Even if you move freely in the field, it does not distort. 

Their fabric is lightweight, suitable for perspiration with a higher stretch capacity. It has air permeability features that add to the comfort. When it comes to the collar design, it is round in shape. Right after the match or the training, they are easy to clean. 

The bib has elastic straps on both sides so you can stretch them freely without worrying about deterioration. Makers ensure that the seams are finely arranged, for practical functions. Not only it is strong in material, but it is also fashionable. 

More Than An Accessory

You may use these while training for sports like soccer and lacrosse. Hockey, basketball, and volleyball players also wear them during pre-game warm-ups. A few photographers for outdoor sports also wear them with the logos of their institutions since these are designed to protect against rains or intense heat.

The material is polyester and rubber. Size for adults is at 66 x 46 cm. Meanwhile, it’s at 55 x 35 cm for children. Perfect for team sports, the soccer bib is for men and women. 

Furthermore, they also help in strategizing since the different colors distinguish between two or more different teams. Win your games even more with the use of these soccer bibs. A team can also use these bibs in multi-color to break into groups during training.

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Soccer Bibs Colorful Football Accessories
Soccer Bibs Colorful Football Accessories


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