Vintage Motorcycle Goggles To Protect Eyes And For Style

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  • The goggles are strong, durable, foldable, and scratch-resistant.
  • They are dust proof and windproof.
  • The strap is elastic, letting different users adjust the size.
  • Frame color is brown and the materials used are leather, sponge, PC, and ABS.
  • Color:  available in lens like clear, colorful, smoke, silver and yellow.
  • Weight: 100 grams.
  • Package contents: 1 x motorcycle goggles.
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Vintage Motorcycle Goggles To Protect Eyes And For Style

Goggles are a must during riding bikes or motorcycles. These vintage motorcycle goggles have great features, making them so special. One, they have a fold-able design. Their storage is convenient in some goggles case or cover. Next, they give protection to your eyes as you wear them while riding bikes. They protect Your eyes from dust as well as wind. Moreover, they consist of an elastic strap. The elasticity of the strap makes it possible for different people to use the product. It makes the goggles fit for all people.  Also, they remain skid-proof due to the elastic straps. Furthermore, the goggles have a copper frame. This has a high level of rigidity along with good chemical resistance. So your motorcycle goggles will not easily damage due to some chemical substances.

More Features Of The Vintage Motorcycle Goggles

The motorcycle goggles consist of the lens of PC material. The lenses are further scratch resistant as well as UV proof. The goggles have sponge and leather material also. This is soft as well as comfortable for the user. And of course, the style of the goggles is a super cool one. They are truly some of the necessary things all riders must-have, especially motorcycle drivers. Coming to the other features of the motorcycle goggles, they are light in weight. They also remain close to the face and eyes. So they do not pose any pressure on the nose. Moreover, they provide a clear vision and a safe ride with sturdy lenses.

Some Specifications Of The Goggles

The frame color of the motorcycle goggles is brown, while the lens color varies. Materials used in the making of the product include sponge, ABS, PC, and leather. The lens colors available are clear, yellow, smoke, colorful and silver. The item weight just a hundred grams. You may use the goggles while going for cycling competitions, during mountain climbing, racing, skiing, cosplay and much more.

Specification: Vintage Motorcycle Goggles To Protect Eyes And For Style

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One Size

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Hight Quality Plastic Lens,,PC,Sponge

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Vintage Motorcycle Goggles To Protect Eyes And For Style
Vintage Motorcycle Goggles To Protect Eyes And For Style
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