Waterproof Power Bank For LED Bike Lights

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  • Charges bike lights faster than regular charging
  • Can let you conveniently charge even when you are outdoors
  • It is IP67 Waterproof
  • Size: 102 mm x 46mmx 46.2mm
  • Package content: 1 x waterproof power bank for bike lights
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Waterproof Power Bank For LED Bike Lights

A waterproof power bank for LED bike lights is an invention that was brought about by a particular need. It is to power up the lights that we use for bicycles. As it is, bikes do not come with lights. Unlike cars and motorcycles, there are built-in lights on them. So as it was created, the power source for the lights was also taken into consideration. But that is obviously not the case for bicycles. If you come to think of it, as you purchase a bicycle, you also need to purchase different accessories for it. And one of those is a power source for your bike lights.

Though most of the backlights are rechargeable and runs with a battery, it might not still be enough. Especially for those who like to go on long cross country rides. More often than not, a charging station may not be readily available, thus a need for a handy power bank.

Product Details Of The Product

This power bank or battery box is specifically for bike lights. They are handy, small and compact that you can easily attach it to your bicycle. Because the battery box can only fit 4.2v with its 18650 li-ion battery that is rechargeable. So you can load it up with full energy before you go so you can have an instant power source when you need one. You can charge it by connecting the 8.4v charger output to the DC round port of the battery box. It also has a USB power supply with a maximum of 2100mA. This amount of power can speed up the charger time.

One noteworthy feature of this power bank or battery box is that it has a feature that prevents overcharging, overcurrent and over-discharge. So even if you forgot that you are charging something, it will not do any harm. Lastly, it comes with a strap so you can install it faster.

Specification: Waterproof Power Bank For LED Bike Lights

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TrustFire EB03 EB02 box

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Waterproof Power Bank For LED Bike Lights
Waterproof Power Bank For LED Bike Lights


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