Wireless Bike Computer Wireless Waterproof USB Rechargeable

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  • This wireless bike camera is waterproof
  • USB Charging, Fullscreen backlight and it has an HD screen
  • This has a speed display and precise time
  • Color: Black
  • Screen Size: 2.2 inch
  • Size: 40 * 65 * 14mm
  • Weight: About 100g
  • Package Content: 1 x 1 wireless bike camera
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Wireless Bike Computer: The Best Tool To Improve Your Skills

A wireless bike computer is not that essential tool to use. However, for some people who want to improve their skills, this is a must.

There are many people who find a good thing behind riding a bike. Another, the people who are cyclist, who usually joins triathlon and cycling competition. It is a crucial thing to know and records their speed and the distance as well.
In doing this stuff, you will need the help of this wireless bike computer. Using this and installing in your bike you will be aware of the speed you can make in a particular distance.


This is just like the usual one, this only differs because this one is wireless. Other than that, this is very similar to a wired bike computer. Another thing is that this has a backlight, with the color of green.
Is this a waterproof type of bike computer? Yes! This one is a waterproof tool you can use at night and on the rainy days as well. The size of this tool is about 75 x 50 x 13 mm and the weight is 126g.
In terms of its backlight, this is very easy to operate. You just need to press the two keys at the same time, this is to turn on or off the backlight.


This has a large screen of about 2.8 inches, where you can be aware of your speed and temperature at the same time. Another is that this has a bicycle odometer with LED backlight. The LCD is very easy to read, durable and convenient to use as well.
This will help you a lot, as you can identify easily where you can improve if it’s your speed or other factors. You don’t need to worry about using this, as this is very easy to operate.

Specification: Wireless Bike Computer Wireless Waterproof USB Rechargeable

Brand Name


Stopwatch and Accessories

Waterproof Stopwatch

Art.No.(article number)


screen size

2.2 inches



Power supply

2032 battery

(Material texture) Material quality


Code table size



CoolChange USB Charging Bicycle Computer

Feature 1

Waterproof / USB Charging

Feature 2

Full Screen Backlight / HD Screen

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Wireless Bike Computer Wireless Waterproof USB Rechargeable
Wireless Bike Computer Wireless Waterproof USB Rechargeable


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