Climbing Harness: Professional Outdoor Sports Safety Belt


  • Lightweight And Wear Resistant
  • Waist Size Of 50 to 124 Cm And A Thigh Size Of 40 To 75 Cm
  • Colors To Choose From Including; Black, Blue, Orange and Red-gray
  • The Half Band Harness Consists Of A Waistband And A Leg Loop
  • Another Attachment System Is Present In The Form Of A Belt
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Designed to protect, from injuries this half-body safety climbing harness is ideal for climbers and guarantors. The climbing harness acts as a binding attachment between a moving and stationary body. The mighty equipment is bound to provide you comfort and the necessary legroom. Not to mention the added advantage of being lightweight and wear-resistant. This climbing harness is the ultimate survival equipment and used by window cleaners, construction workers and rock climbers alike.

Features And Specifications Of The Climbing Harness:

The climbing harness weights around 480 g, making it extremely lightweight and feasible. They have you covered with a categorical waist size of 50 to 124 cm and a thigh size of 40 to 75 cm. While working or climbing, it is important to have the product made with high strength material, right? That’s exactly what you will get here as the Polyester material makes it strong. They come in various colors to choose from including, black, blue, orange and red-gray. A harness plays a key role in working conditions. This aerial Survival equipment disperses the free fall forces around the individual in case of a fall.

Design And Strength:

The half-body safety harness achieves its purpose nicely by lowering the impact of any kind of fall. Not to mention at the same time, giving you enough room to work while on site. It also provides an advanced level of comfort that is seldom achieved with such equipment. The half-band harness consists of a waistband and a leg loop. Another attachment system is present in the form of a belt, while waistbands pull in the bulk of the force. You can adjust the seat belts which are attached to the hip bone to your liking. While descending a fall, the pressure concentrates on the pelvis area making it comfortable. Get ready for tight safety and numerous working days.

Specification: Climbing Harness: Professional Outdoor Sports Safety Belt



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Polyester reinforcing wires

Waist size ring


Leg ring size






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Climbing Harness: Professional Outdoor Sports Safety Belt
Climbing Harness: Professional Outdoor Sports Safety Belt


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