Yoga Fitness Mat For Non-Slip Yoga Sessions

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  • Yoga fitness mat made of superior grade elastic NBR material
  • Size: 1830mm x 80mm x 10mm
  • Thickness: 7mm – 10mm
  • Available in 5 color variants
  • Anti-slip material ensures there is no accident due to slipping off the yoga mat
  • Comfortable elastic material makes it easy to yoga at any place
  • Easy to carry and store
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Yoga Fitness Mat Non-Slip Yoga Sessions


Yoga fitness mat is among the most important companions of any person who follow a usual yoga routine. Doing yoga is a great way to stay healthy. It takes care of both body and mind health. Even with modern medication, yoga is considered as the best way to ensure that you remain healthy without the need for any major treatment. So, if you have decided to add some yoga to your life routine, the yoga fitness mat is something you are looking for. Even though you do not need any accessory to perform yoga, you will certainly like to have a comfortable position to practice on it.


Comfort Is Essential While Performing Yoga


Yoga isn’t as easy as it sounds even if you are in the advanced category. However, whether or not you are performing advanced yoga, you will need a comfortable position to practice it. The ideal position to do so will be on a flat surface, such as the floor. However, you will need to have a comfortable sitting and lying position. While you can always use a carpet or something similar at home, the surface might not be steady and you are not going to be too comfortable on it. Moreover, you cannot use any mattress to perform yoga, since the uneven surface can beat the purpose. This is the reason you will need a yoga mat. It is comfortable enough to allow you to easily perform even the advanced poses, while it is rigid enough so as to ensure that your posture remains perfect.


Superior Material


Material is essential in case of the yoga mat. The high-quality elastic NBR makes it easy to carry as well as comfortable to use. It certainly has a high lifespan. The multiple color variant adds to the aesthetics of the yoga fitness mat. And, the non-slip grip ensures that you are safe, no matter which pose you practice.



Specification: Yoga Fitness Mat For Non-Slip Yoga Sessions




10 mm (Beginner)



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Yoga Mat

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Other ball games

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Yoga Fitness Mat For Non-Slip Yoga Sessions
Yoga Fitness Mat For Non-Slip Yoga Sessions
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