Pros And Cons Of Learning Swimming At 40

Pros And Cons Of Learning Swimming At 40

Did anyone say it’s going to be fun learning swimming at 40? No! Would you want to know why? The only fact to be stated here is that it is not about learning swimming but about overcoming the fear of going underwater. The thought of learning might be exciting and intriguing, but the fight to fear at the age of 40 is rather more difficult than it ought to be. It is really scary, but it is all about controlling your mind.

If you are among those who do not fear swimming, learning at this age has other consequences. The fitness of the body also plays a role. If you do not involve much in physical activities; you must slow down the learning process and take as much time as your body needs to adapt to the workout. If you are somewhat fit, then learning swimming won’t cause much pain to your body.

It is why we bring this article for our readers specifically closing into the age of 40 or have just crossed it; stating the major pros and cons of learning swimming at 40.

Pros About Swimming

The following are the advantages of learning swimming at the age of 40.

Pros And Cons Of Learning Swimming At 40
Pros And Cons Of Learning Swimming At 40
  • Anti-aging- Stats reveal that long term swimmers over the age of 40 who undertake swimming about four times a week; tend to age slower than the rest. It is no worry that you are starting to learn at this age, as long as you keep it routine; swimming will reduce the signs of aging.
  • Asthma Medication- Research shows that those Asthma suffering patients take up swimming courses makes less use of medication. The layer of air just above the surface of the water is filled with moister and prevents airway muscles from constricting and causing an attack.
  • Muscle Build- Learning swimming at 40 can be a major step towards a fit and healthy life. Water is 12 times more resistant than air, so swimming makes more use of your muscle strength than running or cycling. It helps boost your muscular strength and also enhance stamina.

Cons About Learning Swimming At 40

Pros And Cons Of Learning Swimming At 40
Pros And Cons Of Learning Swimming At 40

The following disadvantages of learning swimming at the age of 40 are:

  • No Weight Loss- No doubt swimming keeps you fit, but it is not the exercise to take up if you want to lose weight. Some say swimming tends to reduce metabolism rate, which burns fat at a reduced speed. Others explain that swimming tends to increase the appetite, so you may gain weight by eating more rather than losing weight.
  • Waterborne Illness- If the level of chlorine at the pool is too low, then sweat; urine and chlorine tend to react together to form chloramines; which become a cause of irritation in your eyes, skin, and respiratory problems too.
  • Chlorine is harmful- Studies and reports all around the world state; a common fact that there has been a great increase in the number of swimmers developing breathing problems; due to the high contamination of chlorine in swimming pools.
  • This benefits your body, but only if one follows certain guidelines depending on the state of health of your body. We do recommend our readers to consult their doctors; once as a precaution and also keep away from heavily chlorine contaminated pools.


The article for sure is very effective for people over 40 who want to swim and stay fits, this article brings along the benefits of swimming.

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