Pull Buoy Benefits When Swim Training

Pull Buoy Benefits When Swim Training

Almost everybody loves swimming, but there may be certain things we did not know. Swimming just for fun is different while being a part of the competition. For the latter, one needs months of training and complete exposure to the sport for the ultimate success. Today, we are going to discuss one such training equipment: a pull buoy.

Now, what is a pull buoy? The answer is simple; equipment used for enhancing the power of the swimmer. One must place the equipment between the thighs to keep the legs and hips floating on the water surface. When swimming with the use of pull buoy, it is referred to as ‘pulling.’ It is because only arms are used for forwarding momentum.

This article here is to inform our readers about the pull buoy benefits that can be effective during the swimming training. Although everything has its advantage and disadvantage, we here will only be discussing the benefits.

Benefits Of Training With Pull Buoy

Pull Buoy Benefits When Swim Training
Pull Buoy Benefits When Swim Training

The proper and adequate use of pull buoy can do wonders in improving your swimming technique. The debate of pull buoy benefits becomes possible because of the following points-

  • Corrects Your Body Position- The primary objective of the pull buoy is to keep the lower body just afloat or just below the surface of the water. The idea here is to teach the habit of attaining the most effective position for the body while swimming.
  • When the target is Upper Body – To enhance the strength of your upper body or when your lower body feels exhausted out of training, you could make use of the pull buoy benefits to restrict the training to your upper body only.
  • It Helps Preserve Energy- Swimming may seem less tiring, but it has a rigorous impact on your legs. Using a pull buoy will significantly reduce the pressure on your lower body and allow you to train for a longer duration.
  • Better Technique- For a swimmer, speed is all that matters. And that comes with improved technique, strength, and stamina. With a pull buoy, you can shift your entire focus on the upper body. You can now work towards improving the pulling technique for better speed.

This Is Really Useful

Pull Buoy Benefits When Swim Training
Pull Buoy Benefits When Swim Training

Well, we can see how beneficial it can be to use a pull buoy during swimming training. But the pull buoy benefits are not limited here. For beginners, who struggle to catch the correct movement of the body, pull buoys are advantageous. A pull buoy will help the athlete master the movement of the arms only. It also helps take better control of your breathing while swimming.


Pull buoys are often used in combination with an ankle band and hand paddles to make the task a whole lot tougher than it appears to be. If you want to work harder on your technique and strength, we recommend you reach out to the next level. The tougher the training is, the more fruitful the results are.

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