Shortboard Surfing Tips To Keep In Mind

Shortboard Surfing Tips To Keep In Mind

Are you willing to switch to a shortboard while surfing? Have you practiced with the longboard? It will be easy to transit from longboard to shortboard. It is suggested that one learns longboard first that the transition from longboard to shortboard is easy. And transiting is not to relearn the whole technique but to change it as per the board you are using to surf.

Beginners are often said to not dive on to shortboard pop up before practice because they have low volume, and the chance of them to sink is higher underpowered waves wherein the beginner can risk losing balance and falling. It is the reason that shortboards are rarely the weapon of choice.

If You Want To Learn Shortboard Surfing, Here Are A Few Tips

Shortboard Surfing Tips To Keep In Mind

Shortboard Surfing Tips To Keep In Mind

Before getting to the tips, ask yourself the below questions and verify whether you are ready to learn a shortboard or not?

1) Are you good at catching broken waves?

If the answer is yes, good, but if it is a no, stick to the longboard.

2) Are you able to angle the board on take-off?

You need to learn to enter waves at a 45-degree angle to get the shortboard license.

3) Are you efficient to ride a wave down?

If you are on the stage where you can only ride a wave straight, you need more practice before jumping on the shortboard.

Here Are A Few Things To Keep In Mind For Shortboard Surfing Tips

Shortboard Surfing Tips To Keep In Mind

Shortboard Surfing Tips To Keep In Mind

  • The first issue with the shortboard is maintaining balance, and one needs to be more aware while surfing on a shortboard. The issue is to sit and lie on a shortboard.
  • Once you are fine with the balance, start paddling. Don’t just get on to the waves now, sit on the board, and return to prone mode. You cannot go surfing until you are comfortable with doing this part.
  • With shortboards, another problem is that they may be easy to dive, but they are less stable and can easily be tipped. And paddling for waves is also difficult compared to the longboard. It is why it is essential to make oneself accustomed to the shortboard before hitting the waves, and one might end up hurting themselves.
  • Always remember to keep the body over the stringer and don’t shy away from making a mistake.
  • When it comes to paddling, don’t rush. Take your time and ensure that the nose mustn’t be underwater.
  • While surfing on a shortboard, you’ll need more strokes for taking-off then that of the longboard.
  • Get your balance and be comfortable, then catch a wave. Once you are surfing a wave, then start to paddle.
  • One of the essential tips is to consider your height and wave while buying a shortboard.
  • There are charts that one can refer to for better understanding.


These were some of the most effective and vital shortboard surfing tips that are highly practical and will assist you in surfing.


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