Soccer: Origin Of The Game

Soccer: Origin Of The Game

Soccer has gone through lots of evolutions. Today, multiple international tournaments take place in an alternate cycle. The FIFA, UEFA, and other competitions make this sport even more successful. Records show that more than 240 million people across the globe play this game regularly. 

It was about 2,000 years since this game was created. It quickly gained popularity. The game was fun to play. With that, other countries started playing it as well. 

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The rules became more structured over the years. With the implementation of new rules, the game started to prosper and evolve. In 1891, the game introduced the penalty kick. Then, in 1913, it created the prestigious International Football Association Board. Furthermore, during the year 1970, the World Cup finals, as well as the yellow and red cards were added. As time went, the game incorporated some of the more essential and complicated rules to reach the topmost level.

Soccer: Origin Of The Game

Soccer: Origin Of The Game

Soccer: Greek And Roman Legends

If you look at Greek and Roman legends, soccer started way back from ancient times. The Greek ‘Episkyros’ is much easier to understand than the Roman ‘Harpastum’. The opposing teams used to play in a rectangular ground with a smaller ball. The main objective was to pass the ball and get it over the opponent’s boundaries. The game was extremely popular for about 700-800 years in ancient times.

Soccer: The Present Time

It was 1908 when soccer became a part of the entire Olympic event. The game hit is peak when only amateur players were playing it. Later, the game got a more serious and professional one. UEFA Champions League is another international soccer tour known worldwide today. Union of European Soccer Associations Champions League takes place throughout the year. Even the UEFA European Championship became a popular tournament.

Soccer: Origin Of The Game
Soccer: Origin Of The Game

The FIFA World Cup

FIFA is the organizer of the World Cup which is the most popular tournament. When soccer became a successful part of the Olympics, FIFA decided to make a separate international tournament in 1904. It took 26 years to execute the plan, and finally, in 1930, the World Cup event started. Uruguay as the first country to host the FIFA Cup. 

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