Soccer Shoes: Choosing The Right Pair

Soccer Shoes: Choosing The Right Pair

Different types of soccer shoes are available today. Thanks to the advanced technology that made it possible to grow with the game easily. You can find these shoes for different conditions and also other types of players. Therefore, according to the player position and other aspects, the shoes serve different purposes.

Hence, if a pair of soccer shoes are perfect for one condition, it might be wrong in specific states as well. As a result, your shoes may turn out to be useless if you go wrong with the decision. Here are the facts that you need to consider before buying them. Moreover, when you are upgrading your skill and need different pairs of shoes, this guide will help you to pick the right pair for different conditions.

Soccer Shoes: Choosing The Right Pair
Soccer Shoes: Choosing The Right Pair

Soccer Shoes: Surfaces

Playing on different surfaces with the same pair of shoes is technically wrong. However, even if you own a single pair of shoes, you have to know these specifications. For instance, playing on firm surfaces require specific types of shoes or firm ground shoes. These shoes are designed with ten or more long studs. The studs are visible evenly throughout the bottom rim of the shoes. Therefore, because you can have them for normal playing conditions, they provide a sufficient amount of traction.

However, playing on soft surfaces require specific kinds of shoes that can be called soft ground cleats. On soft ground, you need maximum traction. Hence, these shoes are designed with six studs. The placement of the studs is similar to the previous one. The only difference is in the number of studs. On hard surfaces, the shoes are designed with small and flat studs. The studs are visible all over the bottom of the shoe.

Soccer Shoes: Choosing The Right Pair

Soccer Shoes: Choosing The Right Pair

Striking Position

Depending on your striking position, you might need to change the pair of shoes. When you are a forward player, you need soccer shoes with a clean strike zone to connect with the ball and score goals. Therefore, you can easily identify the strike zone at the upper front part of the shoe. As a midfielder, you need comfortable shoes that will cushion your feet and help you to run up and down the field. Furthermore, when in a defensive position, go for the shoes with a tough out-sole to bear the damage. As a goal-keeper, choose shoes that provide better traction.

Skin Condition

Choosing the shoe material is as important as technology. Soccer shoes are made of various materials. When it comes to quality, kangaroo leather shoes are extremely durable. There are other variants available like calf or goat leather and mesh. The goat and leather shoes are the medium range among these three. Though the mesh shoes are lightweight, these are not suitable for playing in wet conditions. Therefore, choosing the material depending upon the skin condition will give you a better chance to provide the utmost comfort to the feet. However, if you have skin irritation or allergy to specific materials, you have to avoid the same and look for other options.

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