Surf Cam - Capturing Moments

Surf Cam – Capture your best moments

A surf cam is an essential tool for every surfer. It turns the whole surfing experience into a beautiful memory. Surfers can review their positions, make corrections, making better and improved movement in the water. Surf cam comes in a digital waterproof design allowing the surfers to capture the session through various angles.

Moreover, they have unique features that meet the requirements of harsh ocean and weather conditions. Before buying a surf cam, it is highly recommended to check its mobility, wearability, picture quality, weight, and digital compatibility. The objective of these cams is much more than just providing filming and shooting videoes. Moreover, there is a whole wide range of surf cams available for you to choose from.

Surf Cam - Capturing Moments
Surf Cam – Capturing Moments

Types Of Surf Cam

  • GoPro HD Hero7 Black

It is the best of the lot. You can wear it on your chest, tie it to your helmet, or mount it on the board. The pictures and videos are of excellent quality, with a high resolution of 4k videos at 60 frames/second. This is definitely going to add jealousy for other surfers.

  • Polaroid Cube+

It has a high recording feature of full HD 1440p videos and taking still at eight megapixels. It also has a wide-angle lens fixed at 124 degrees to arrest the beautiful action. The rubberized body is shock-resistant suitable for all kind of adventure and sport. It has additional live Wi-Fi streaming feature too.

  • Sony RXO

This one comes with an incredible power of shooting slow-motion videos at up to 960fps/1000fps. A power pack high-performance design laced with 24mm ZEISS Tessar lens.

  • Ricoh WG – 50

A waterproof cam that comes with a 16-megapixel sensor, 5x optical zoom, wide-angle lenses and a brilliantly built-in LCD monitor to capture best of the shot.

  • SeaLife DC2000

This one gives you a terrific experience of filming the whole action of surfing. This underwater digital cam with 20 megapixels captures pictures of a lifetime. Going to the depths at 200 feet max, it flashes well too.

  • Nikon Coolpix W300

Again a fantastic shockproof and water-resistant cam that allows taking pictures at 16 MP and 4K UHD 30p movies. With an additional feature of built-in GPS, it adds to the joy of surfing.

  • Drift Ghost 4K

A spectacular picture quality cam that works on ultra HD technique offering quality pictures at 30fps or 1080p for footage as clear as crystal. It includes dual microphones, image stabilization, and gyroscope.

Tips For Best Surfing Photography

Surf Cam - Capturing Moments
Surf Cam – Capturing Moments
  1. Read the lights
  2. Keep the aperture in the center
  3. Keep low ISO
  4. Choose the locations wisely
  5. The balance between the subject and element.


Surf cam provides you a picture as incredible as the surfing experience itself. Equipped with all the modern technologies, this cam gives the best of the shot generating images one will never forget. Capturing the beauty of both surfing and nature makes it only more incredible. These cams come in various range, so one should choose it wisely as per his requirement.

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