Surf Club: Iconic Ones In South India

Surf Club: Iconic Ones In South India

Surfing has become very popular in India over the last few years. With this, surfer schools, camps and especially Surf Club increased like anything before. If you’re a fellow thrill junkie, and love surfing and spending time in the water, here are some of the top Surf Clubs in South India. From Covelong to the Varakal beach, south India coast is all the more exciting.

Surf Club: Iconic Ones In South India
Surf Club: Iconic Ones In South India

Shaka Surf Club

The Shaka Surf Camp is a short drive away from Udipi. This beach is all about riding the waves and basking in the sand under the sun. Moreover, this club is a hot spot hub for culture, water sports, and relaxation. Manipal and Mangalore being quite near, add to the tourist spots.

Mantra Surf Camp

This is India’s first-ever surf club that started in 2004. Mantra is a beach and a club by the beach. It is wholly devoted to surfing and water sport activities. Water skiing, kayaking, waterboarding are some of the attractions here. It is also the perfect stop for beginners, as well as for yoga lovers. As this place is known to be the host for the Ashtanga Yoga retreat. Furthermore, there is also a nearby beautiful village by the name Mulki, which is a great tourist spot.

Soul & Surf Club

A little outside Varkala, the Soul and Surfing Club is the hub for seasoned tones surfers. For this beach is iconic and for its high rise waves. It is adding more and more thrill to your surfing experience. Hence, for a chill relaxing weekend or destressing your life, this sea beach is a treat. The Soul Food café at this surf club gives you the taste of the local food scene and culture as well.

Mumu Surf Club

Learning how to surf can be a challenge, both physically and also by the means. In the Mumu Surf club, you can learn surfing at low reasonable prices. This school situated at the Mahabalipuram is the iconic spot for learners. Once you book your slots in advance, you get to learn surfing with the lowest prices and with the best of instructors.

Surf Turf School

Surf Turf Club at Covelong, Chennai, is the hub for surfers all over the world. It is known to be famous for hosting the Covelong Surf festival, which encourages surfers from all around the world to show off their skills.

Cocopelli Surf School

In the heart of Gokarna, the Cocopeli Surfing Club is perfect for beginners. The height of the waves are average, making it best for necessary skills. Being in the heart of Gokarna, it provides the destination for an offbeat chill weekend.

Surf Club: Iconic Ones In South India
Surf Club: Iconic Ones In South India

Kovalam Surf School

This one of a kind surf school offers free surfing classes over the weekend. This institution believes in the growth of the surfing community. Thereby, the offering surfing classes and workshops is a support to the growing water sport and culture.The locals have put their heart into the empowerment of these communities in making surfing more available and a mainstream. Located in the God’s Own Country, the Kovalam Surf Club gives the ideal push for today’s youth requirement.

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