Swimming Workout That Moves All Your Muscles

Swimming Workout That Moves All Your Muscles

Are you a good swimmer? Have you tried any swimming style that will also get your muscles worked up? If not, then this article is here to tell you some great swimming styles that will also help you complete your Swimming workout.

Swimming is the best water sport as it allows the whole body to be worked up as well as loosens all the tight muscles and leaves the whole body refreshing.

Kick Drills Swimming Workout

Swimming Workout That Moves All Your Muscles

Swimming Workout That Moves All Your Muscles

There are many kinds of kick drills that one can give a shot to like hold a kickboard as well as get your arm’s straight now tighten the thigh and kick as hard as possible the aim should be to get the leg at a right angle. It will make the body flexible and strengthen the thighs too.

Frog Kick

One will need to jump like a frog, for that start with bending your knees and stick the feet together while holding the kickboard. Now straighten your leg and bring back to the original position. Do the same hop at the same place and jump as high as your body allows.

Butterfly Kick Swimming Workout

In this exercise, one will need to use their legs as fins, for that first stand straight with legs joint together from waist down. Use the hips to kick the leg and don’t let the legs go free; they must stick together.

This Swimming workout will strengthen the internal, external, and rectus abdominal.

Breaststroke And Butterfly Drill

The breaststroke ad butterfly strokes are the most common and crucial swimming exercises to work up the muscles. This particular swimming style will help improve the shaping and toning of the body and will enhance the endurance of the body too.

Every swimmer has their favorite, either they are breaststroke swimmer or butterflies. So if you are the breaststroke swimmer, then try to pull one are for three kicks, and the latter swimmer one arm kick for three dolphin kicks. Both of the Swimming workouts will strengthen the core muscles ad help you speed up the swimming.

Water Running Swimming Workout

This exercise will fill your cardio workout schedule. This is also known as the aqua running exercise. Its simple you need to run in the water as fast as you can and bring the thighs as high as possible. If you are an expert, go deep in the water where water is below your neck, get those paddles, as well as engage the triceps and biceps. This is a freestyle swim workout.

Leg And Core Toners

Stand straight at the wall of the pool as well as keep the arm backward. One can hole the edge of the pool. Now slowly bring both the legs up till you can see them floating on the water. Get comfortable, and don’t be hasty. Now get legs outward in V position and then stick back together, do it 20 times. And then get back to the starting position. This is the best swimming preparation workout.

Swimming Workout That Moves All Your Muscles

Swimming Workout That Moves All Your Muscles


Thus, A swimming workout can make one do such stretches no aerobic exercise can offer. Swimming will make the body more flexible, muscular, and fit.

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