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5 Different Bike Style For Every Type of Riders

Biking is one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly sources of transportation. They are also a fun and healthy way of exercising, staying active. But the endless categories of cycles available in the market seem to be quite confusing to beginners. Here is a simple guide describing ...

Handlebar End Caps: Know How This Can Save You

Handlebar end caps have an essential role for those people who own a bike. This will saves you in times of trouble in riding your bike. There are many people thinks that riding a bicycle is more practical and that gives you a healthy body as well. These are all facts, there are many people in ...

Gear Hub: Amazing Facts You Need To Know

Gear hub has an essential role in the bike, as this completes the system. There are things you need to learn and know about this. If you are a marathoner, cyclist or just love to ride a bike, then you are familiar with this gear hub. This can be found in the tires of the bike. This supports the ...

Bike Cog: A Guide For Beginner Biker And Cyclist

Bike cog is located on the rear hub parts of the bike. This will help you to move efficiently the sprockets with the teeth of the bike. There are a lot of people today loving sports cycling and some are using a bike to maintain their good health as well. Both going to your destination and being ...

Mtb Frame: What Are The Things You Need To Know

Mtb frame is one of the essential detail of a bicycle. You cannot use a bicycle for the mountain, triathlon without this kind of frame. Since the MTB frame is the main component of a bicycle, users are more conscious of every detail of the Frame they are going to purchase. Every detail of the MTB ...

12 Bike Repair Hacks Every Cyclist Must Know

Bike cycle repair is essential when you go out to ride at regular intervals. As an enthusiast, your legs are not the only tool required to keep the machine going. It needs lube, routine maintenance, and attention. Here are 12 bike repair hacks that every cyclist needs to know: Drivetrain should ...

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