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Climbing 101 For Those Who Are Just Starting Out

What Are Indoor Climbing 101? How Can I Start With It? You can be of any age background fitness level to start with indoor climbing, as well as it will help you with new challenges that will help you in your physical and mental growth. You should always understand that Climbing for is Just like ...

How Rappel Climbing Works

Rappel climbing is one of the best as well as the most decent ways for mountain climbers to climb a multi-pitch route. You should always try rappelling after practicing for a few days first. Rappelling for beginners is a mandatory thing. One who is practicing any such life-threatening practices ...

Rock Rappelling: A Safety Guide To Prevent Injury

Have you ever climbed a rock? Do you know anything about the rock rappelling techniques? Climbing is considered to be the fastest-growing sport. The alarming rate with which the professional climbers are enrolling and participating is commendable. But when one climbs a rock there is an obvious ...

Gym Climbing Techniques That You Can Practice

Do you want to climb? Did you know you can learn rock climbing in the gym? It's not compulsory to learn to climb only through rock rappelling as well as other sport. One can learn to climb even at the gym. If one looks around every gym has the basic equipment one needs to learn how to climb. We ...

Why You Should Enroll In a Rock Climbing Camp

Have you ever done rock climbing? Do you know the benefits of rock climbing as well as the rock climbing camp? Let's begin with understanding the term rock climbing. It fulfills all the essentials of mountaineering, except they aren't done in the mountains. The main objective with rock climbing ...

Necessary Skills Required In Friction Climbing

Have you ever heard of Friction Climbing? Maybe, Rock Climbing? Oh, sure, you do! But do you have it in you to go out and climb against the challenges offered by nature? If yes, then you have come to the right place. We bring forth the list of the very basic and necessary skills that every friction ...

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