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Best Time To Do Yoga – The Overlooked Perspective Of Yoga

Yoga is gaining importance in recent times, given the benefits. Many people have even started becoming yoga instructors, helping their students in effectively maintaining their health. Even those who have been preparing gyms have begun turning to yoga, considering its efficiency. Unlike the gym or ...

Master Your Mind Now – How To Do It The Right Way

  Nothing limits people's achievement more than their self-doubts, and these are more often than not, unfounded. People are generally well aware that they should think more highly of themselves than they do. To master your mind, you need to understand how this happens and what steps you can ...

Meditation Techniques For You To Lead A Quality Life Ahead

Meditation is a process whereby a person trains his mind to be self-aware. It is believed that meditation helps to reach an altered state of consciousness. In India, it has been practiced since time immemorial. It has a rich and exciting history in India. It is an integral part of both Buddhist and ...

Isha Kriya Meditation- All About It

Isha Kriya is one of the best techniques for meditation in which you will be able to transform your life. It is a great meditation technique that you can implement in your daily life for your Holistic development. Not only that, but you will also have Health and stress management so that there can ...

Tips Of Meditation For Anxiety

Meditation is one of the best methods in which you can fight stress. Anxiety and depression are sure to ruin your life, and it is a complete waste of time. If you know how to train your mind so that you can have a positive outlook towards things. Today we are mostly going to talk about the tips in ...

Sadhguru Meditation Guide To Follow

According to the famous Sadhguru, he says that meditation is difficult because you are trying to do it. It does not require a trial, but you need to be meditative in itself. The word meditation comprises a lot of positive as well as negative comments, and most of the negativity comes from the ...

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