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Bushy Parkrun: How It All Started

On October 2, 2004, Paul Sinton-Hewitt, along with his 13 friends, got together in Bushy Park, Teddington, London. It is for the 5K run. It was named the Bushy Park Time Trial and became a weekly ritual. Later on, its name was changed to London Time Trial and then eventually Bushy Parkrun in 2008. ...

5 Effective Ways To Stop Cramps When You’re Running

Fitness is essential, and a healthy body guarantees a long pleasant life. On a bright day, it's therefore great to go out for an adventurous run. It refreshes our mind, body, and especially beneficial for losing weight. Now let's get into details on 5 effective ways to stop cramps when on the run: ...

A Month-Long Training Schedule For Your First 5K Run

Did you like so many others to make a New Year resolution to stay active this year? Then for the next two days, you put on your active-wear and went outside to jog. Meanwhile, you bumped into your neighbor made plans to run a 5k, two months later. On the third day, you were caught up at work and ...

10 Cool Running Exercises Great For Beginners

We all understand the amazing benefits of running regularly. The simple act of moving your body step by step comes naturally to us and engulfs each muscle in our body. But running does, however, require strength, fit muscles, and lots of energy. That's why our muscles need to be trained so we can ...

10 Reasons Why You Should Try A Mud Race

Mud racing has fast gained popularity in recent years and for good reasons. Gone are the days when runners only ran in straight lines with no added thrill. Mud races provide a better, more robust, and likewise challenging alternative. It tests our endurance, strength, and fitness physically and ...

Preparing Yourself For Your First Mini Marathon Distance Run

Can you remember that one time when you kept snoozing on in an important meeting? However, you still made it on time by making a fast sprint to your office while carefully dodging busy traffic and flood of humans. Now consider your office to be 42.195 km (approx. 26 miles) away from your home, ...

Sofa To 5K: The Difference Before And After

Sofa to 5k is a running plan specially curated for beginners and couch potatoes. It was developed by Josh Clark when he wanted to start running after a breakup. In particular, the purpose of this plan is to motivate people to adopt an active lifestyle. Sofa to 5k is a 9-week plan including 3 ...

The History Of Track And Field: How It All Began

All types of sports, including jumping, throwing, and running, are furthermore included in track and field sports. There are a large number of sports activities that you can enjoy in tracks and fields. Athletics and as well as different hardsports and techniques are a part of it all. Sprints, ...

Knee Arthritis And Running: Can It Be Done?

Arthritis is found in people of all ages, but the chances increase more after the 40s. We move with the help of our joints and bones. These joints get attach to each other with a cartridge to avoid friction while running. With age or because of an accident, this cartridge could get damage. This ...

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