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Free Weight Back Workout In The Comfort Of Your Home

If you want to achieve perfect posture and get results much closer to machine training, go for free weight back workout. It is also quite easy to maintain a home gym with free weights than having lots of fitness machines. As they are not costly and can cover a much smaller area. So, enjoy ...

12 Insanely Effective Workouts With Bench

We all want to stay fit and active, but our daily routine with gym timing doesn't match most of the time. Also, everyone can't have a gym at home with lots of pieces of equipment. But if you have a higher motivation level, you can still get fit with lots of things available at home. Workout with ...

5 Most Effective Lat Exercises With Dumbbells

Everyone wants to look and feel good about their body figure. Its human nature to look fit and to stay healthy. It not only helps you look good but also whatever you wear looks good on you. That's why we do exercises to make us motivated and fit. To improve your back muscles, lat exercises come ...

The Proper Way To Do A Cable Crossover Exercise

Need firm chest and strong pectoral muscles without lifting heavy loads. It would help if you went for the Cable crossover exercise. Yes, furthermore that are a sure way to strengthen the upper body muscles. The strings provide a variety of upper body exercises only with a slight change in angles ...

What Are The Benefits of Using A Recumbent Bike

Do you want to build your lower body muscles without experiences fatigue in the upper body parts? Well, this recumbent bike is the best choice for you to look into. You might notice people in the gym sitting back and working out on the stationary bike. This mega bike actually provides support to ...

10 Outdoor Stair Workout For 50 And Above

People above 50 are more prone to diseases and weaknesses. They must tend to keep themselves into exercise and physical workout to achieve higher health standards and live like young people in their old ages. Outdoor use is always beneficial as it impacts health and also facilitates to get a ...

11 Fabulous Variations Of Leg Press Exercise

What is the leg press exercise? The leg press exercise is a great compound exercise as it engages a group of muscles in the legs during the training.  Especially the quadriceps, glutes, and hamstrings are targeted in it. Variations of leg exercises These can be efficiently engaged through ...

The Wonders Of Doing Mirror Exercises At Home

Have you ever wondered why so many mirrors surround you in the gym workout area? We all are also aware of this new rising trend of the mirror exercises but do we know why it's so famous now a day. Well, the most straightforward answer to this is that these practices provide us reflection of what we ...

9 Gym Machines People Often Use When They Workout

Gyms are most known for their state of the art gym machines, which help people to achieve health and fitness goals at a faster rate. As a fact, the manual workout is very time-consuming to accomplish the perfect targets. But, gym equipment enhances workout goals and helps to achieve these goals at ...

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