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The Best Waves To Surf For Professionals

Are you an intermediate or professional surfer? Do you know the top five best surfing waves? For the starters, Maldives waves are the best; they are fun as well as long and won’t drown you at all. But for the professional, they look for the heavy and long waves. Here are the best waves in the world that you can give a try

1.Teahupoo, Tahiti One Of The Best Waves


As per preference level, the Teahupoo wave tops the list as they are the most famous waves in the world. The wave is at the coral lagoon, and one would have to paddle at least 20 minutes to get to the main party. Apart from the best surfing waves, you’ll witness the whole surroundings enveloped in volcanic mountains. The mountain gliding into the lush green trees makes the whole surroundings more heavenly. Surfers can find barrel rides for eight long seconds.

For the professionals, the heavy wave is called the “west bowl” and is at the end of the wave. These are intense but best waves. The best time to visit is April to October, and the best winds are in South West. The size of the wave is 4-6 feet, as well as the water temperature, is 23-25 degrees.

2. Kirra, Qld, Australia

No doubt that Australia is popular for its surfing waves. This beautiful beach is located in the exquisite Queensland. They have the deepest barrels in the world, and that is why it is the perfect place to surf for professionals. Once the surfer takes off, the wave will swiftly reach a speed as well as need to maintain balance until the end of the wave.

Best winds are in the south, as well as the tides are popular for mid tides. The best time to visit is the starting of the year January to April.

3. Desert Point, Lombok Island, Indonesia One Of The Best Waves

The desert point is known for the longest barrel waves, which makes it perfect for the professional surfers. The barrel rides are up to 20 seconds as well as at 6-8 feet. It is why the place is famous for the best wave. Located at Bangko Bangko, this attracts many people.

The best time to visit April-September, as well as the best winds, are in Southeast. The size, as mention, is 6-8 feet, as well as the normal water temperature, which is 27 degrees. The beach is a two-hour drive from the airport.

4. Mundaka, Spain Best Waves


It is one of Europe’s best waves, located in the Basque country. These give a tough competition to the barrel wave of the desert point. One can paddle through Mundaka as well as start surfing through the mid-tides. The reason it is perfect for professionals is that the wave breaks quickly as well as can offer multiple barrels if the surfer hits the writing wave. The best time to visit is October to March, as well as the best winds, are in South West.


These are the best surfable wave in the world that should be in the bucket list for the professional surfers. They can give the best ride, barrel waves, and longer duration.

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