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The Top 10 Surfers Of The Decade

Do you like to surf? Do you know the best surfers of all time? Surfing is not merely an adventurous water sport; it is one of the most challenging sports with a proud history of great surfers. Let’s read about the top 10 surfers in the world:

The Top 10 Surfers Of The Decade Are

top 10 surfers in the world
top 10 surfers in the world

Kathy Zuckerman – The Best Amongst Top 10 Surfers

She is a cultural icon when it comes to surfing. Also, she started surfing at the tender age of 15. She put surfing on the map as any talented surfer could. Her father uses to maintain a diary of all her adventures, which later came out as the bestselling novel.

Jordy Smith

He is a popular South African surfer, was born in the year 1988. He is the winner of the Billabong competition for two continuous years (2010-11). His rodeo flips made him famous.

Kelly Slater

He is one of the top 10 surfers in the US and the world as well his full name id Robert Slater. Also, he was born in Florida, US. He is an all-rounder, top in surfer and acting as well as writing too. About his surfing career Kelly is known for participating in 11 world championships.

Nat Young

He was born in 1971 and is surfing since the year 2008. He is best in what he does; surfing is his passion. He is known for Oi Rio Pro, Billabong, and Mio Rip Portugal. His techniques, as well as the way he balances himself without losing calm, is commendable.

Joel Parkinson

He is from Queensland, Australia, and was born in the year 1981. He is one of the top 10 surfers & he is known for his brilliant performance in 2009 and then in 2011. Some of his championships are:

  • ASP world junior championship;
  • World title surfer three times (2000, 2004,2011);
  • Perfect 20 at Billabong master,
  • as well as many more championship.

Mick Fanning – One Of The Top 10 Surfers From Australia

He is also an Australian surfer who was born in south wales, in 1981. 

Mick’s fan likes to call him the white lighting for some reason. He comes under the top surfer of all time. Apart from that, he has brilliant performances in the ASP championship; he is six times the Australian male surfer.

Conner Coffin

He was born in California in 1993. Moreover, he is known for his deadly performance in Quicksilver Pro France. He has a different style to surf altogether that has made him very popular amongst the fans.

Julian Wilson

He comes under the top 10 surfers as well as, known for his brilliant performance in the league championship of 2018. Also, that year he was the talk of the town.

Michael Burez

He is the best surfer of the last decade. He belongs to Polynesia, France. Fans call him spartan.

Ace Buchan – A Brilliant One Amongst The Top 10 Surfers

And coming to the last best surfer here we have the brilliant, Ace Buchan. He was born in Avoca Beach, Australia. He has won many championships as well as is one of the calmest surfer ever.

Top 10 Surfers Of The Decade
Top 10 Surfers Of The Decade


Above is the list of the Top 10 Surfers Of The Decade, you will get to learn all about them once you go through the article.

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