These Yoga Accessories Will Boost Your Sessions' Effectively

These Yoga Accessories Will Boost Your Sessions’ Efficiency

Yoga balances the mind, the body, and the soul. Attending or teaching a yoga class every once in a while brings several benefits for your health. First, it increases your flexibility. An hour of yoga may already be equivalent to your circuit training or HIIT. Plus, it also promotes muscular strength. This activity also improves vitality, metabolism, weight, cardiovascular health, athletic performance, and protects you from injury. 

Choosing your yoga accessories means that you need to consider lightweight options. These yoga accessories will boost your sessions’ effectivity.

The most common yoga outfit will require you to be barefoot, be in comfortable fitness wear, and perhaps include a few accessories. Comfort is very important while in the yoga class. Choosing your yoga accessories means that you need to consider lightweight options. These yoga accessories will boost your sessions’ effectivity. 

Yoga Bricks

If your instructor tells you to reach your hand to the floor while in a complex position, it might be difficult to do so. Especially if you are a beginner, you will need these yoga bricks to help you perfect what is being asked for. 

Yoga Bricks Best Tool To Enhance Yoga Posture

Yoga bricks are shaped like construction stones and provide assistance while the yogi or yogini performs challenging positions. You can place your hand on top of them, support your legs or feet, or even sit on the brick during a pigeon stand. Aside from this, it also promotes the correct alignment of your body. 

Each yoga brick is made up of foam, very lightweight, and they can also be carried inside your bags as you visit the gym. 

Round Yoga Pads

The mats are enough to support your elbows while doing postures. However, adding round yoga pads in each of your knee or elbow will further enhance the way you do it. Round yoga pads are protective cushions made from TPE or thermoplastic elastomer. They are available in different colors of purple, red, blue, black, or green. 

Provided to you with non-slip material, the size is 175mm in diameter and 15mm thick. Aside from yoga, practitioners can also use the pads for their regular workouts in the gym, dance classes, and aerobics. 

These round yoga pads are designed for complex pranayamas and asanas. You will need a cushion to protect your knees and elbows from getting bruised and injured. It is very lightweight and thus, also improves your posture. 

Yoga Pads
Round Yoga Pads

Yoga Grip Socks

Often, your instructor will advise you to take your socks and shoes/sandals off and place them on the nearby rack. Nevertheless, they also may recommend wearing yoga socks. Well, not the usual socks since it is definitely difficult to do your downward dog and other postures with the regular stocks. 

Try having these ladies’ non-slip grip socks designed for both aesthetics and function. These pairs of socks are cut to each of the toes, compared to regular ones that cover the entirety. They also have materials on the sole to avoid slipping while on your yoga mats. 

Yoga Grip Socks
Yoga Grip Socks

The ultimate benefit is increasing the grip. With these non-slip stocks, maintaining the post for a longer period of time is possible. Moreover, you can also keep your feet warm while in the session. More importantly, it ensures proper hygiene while in the exercise. 

Cork yoga mat

Not all yoga mats are created equal. There are those that can offer more grip because of its anti-slip features.

Mats are the number one requirement while attending the class. You can always use the floor but it will be less comfortable. This particular yoga mat is made of cork, almost similar to the material your office bulletin boards are made. Only, you wouldn’t have to place thumbtacks on them. 

Extracted from the outer layer of the oak tree, cork is very sustainable, durable, and also has anti-microbial properties. If you are worried about your sweat being absorbed by your usual mat, you will ensure cleanliness with this cork mat. They have anti-slip properties for maximum grip even for those who tend to sweat on their hands. It also keeps the feet warm during winters, and very suitable for joint pains, not to mention it is easy to clean. 

Cork Yoga Mat
Cork Yoga Mat

Yoga wheel

Talk about wheels, yoga is all about them. But have you ever heard of the yoga wheel accessory? It is relatively new on the market. Shaped like a small wheel, it provides the best support to do a pose better. It works like the yoga brick, but with motion. The bricks tend to be stationary and there’s a need to carry it to different sides on the mat. 

Using a yoga wheel stretches your body in different ways, flexing your hips, abdomen, and other parts. What’s amazing about it is that it also massages the spine so you feel comfortable throughout the yoga class. It also opens up the upper body’s front side even more, and aids in deep blackened poses. 

Yoga Wheel
Yoga Wheel

It will be beneficial for your health to invest in these yoga accessories. Not all wellness and fitness clubs have them, so owning them personally will take your yoga experience to the next level. 

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