Top Ten Famous Surf Spots You Shouldn't Miss

Top Ten Famous Surf Spots You Shouldn’t Miss

What are the famous surf spots? Sports are part of one’s life one way or the other. Some people enjoy watching, and some want to be a part of it. Surfing is one of these sports, which is adventurous as well as thrilling.

Here are some of the best-known surfboard spots which you cannot afford to miss if you are a surfing sports enthusiast. 

Pipeline Hawaii -Famous Surf Spots

This spot is considered to be the surfing heaven for the surfers because it is more thrilling and adventurous. This surfing spot is known to have the deadliest waves, which reached more than nine feet in height. The surfers need to have a perfect skill to navigate on these waves. 

Tofo Beach Mozambique

Top Ten Famous Surf Spots You Shouldn't Miss
Top Ten Famous Surf Spots You Shouldn’t Miss

It is a pretty warm place, but it is an ideal surfing spot for the beginners as well as the intermediate surfers. This spot boasts of some of the world-class right-hand point breaks. You can also have some surf lessons here.  

Cloud Nine Siargao Island Philippines 

This place is known for its best surfing spots in the world. Cloud 9 is famous for its enormous waves in the country. Surfers from all over the world come here to enjoy the thrilling experience of these waves. Also, this place comes among the top rank in the best surfing place. 

Sayulita Mexico 

This place was a primarily a fishing village which turned as a surfer spot 

It is one of the best places to visit with the rideable waves for every class of the server. 

Les Cavaliers France– Very Famous Surf Spots

This famous surf spot is known to have powerful waves. Les Cavaliers hosts many professional surf competitions and events around the year. The powerful waves test the physical as well as mental limits of the surfers, which makes it very adventures. One can easily reach Les Cavaliers as it connects to the major domestic airports. 

Nazare Portugal 

Ranked amongst the deadliest surfing spot in the world, this place is a nature made marvel, which is a place of record-breaking waves. Also, the unparalleled record-breaking 100-foot wave wall a few years ago made this place famous. This surfing spot is no doubt is a spot for very daring as well as very skillful surfer 

Hoddevik Norway-One Of The Famous Surf Spots

This famous surf spot gives you an unmatched experience surfing in ice-cold water; however the surfing here is worth trying. The best time is to go before October. 

Playa Grand Costa Rica

Top Ten Famous Surf Spots You Shouldn't Miss
Top Ten Famous Surf Spots You Shouldn’t Miss

This surfing spot is located on the north pacific coast in Costa-Rica. Beautiful sunsets and the waves are the heart of the place. This place welcomes every surfer of any skills. The seawater is warm here, as well as the spot is open for year-round. 

San Vicente Spain – Famous Surf Spots

San Vicente Spain located on the coast of Cantabria features amazing views, surrounded by high cliffs as well as forests. The moderate waves here makes it ideal and for every class of surfers as well as is open for the whole year. 

Jeffrey,s Bay South Africa 

Surfers around the world know that this famous surfing spot is a surfer paradise. It has some of the world-class right-hand breaks. Also, it is one of the most famous surfing spots which one would never miss. 


It is the sport of riding the gigantic waves on the surfboard with perfect balance to counter the turbulent force of the waves. But for good experience surf, you need a good looking which complements the nature of the sport. 

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