Vipassana Meditation - The Ancient MeditationĀ 

Vipassana Meditation – The Ancient MeditationĀ 

The first question which comes in mind is, what meditation is? Vipassana means seeing things with its reality. Vipassana means what the thing is in actual. In ancient times vipassana was used as a technique of meditation. Gotama Buddha re-introduced it. He also taught this a universal remedy against the ill as an art of living. The aim of vipassana meditation is the total eradication of mental impurities, which results in the highest happiness of the body.

Vipassana Meditation- Self-Observation

Basically, vipassana meditation is the way of self-transformation from self-observation. To experience the interconnection between mind and body, you need to feel the physical sensation of your insider body. It is an observation based journey. This journey to the common root of the mind and body will dissolve the mental impurities of the body. The result of dissolving mental impurities is a balanced mind. The balanced mind is always a perfect combination of love and compassion.

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Benefits Of Vipassana Meditation

Vipassana Meditation - The Ancient MeditationĀ 

Vipassana has thousands of benefits. However, here is a shortlist of the benefits mentioned.

Truth Of Life: Vipassana Meditation

With the mediation, one can understand the reality of life, about the human body, etc. This is done in both the way theoretically as well as practically. People also appreciate happiness, love rapture as they are present.

Vipassana Meditation Keeps Motivated

Meditation helps you to make you mentally healthy and motivated. It also makes the mind able to sacrifice. Working without worry is the best phase of mental to keep you happy and tension free.

Show Interest

It makes one get to learn more about the truth. The person shows interest in reading books and listening to techniques without even getting bored. It also allows one to explain the fact to other people in a much better way. As the person himself becomes the ocean of truth.

Improve Memory

The meditation also helps to improve once memory. It allows you to keep things in mind, without missing and fact or detail. The person will not forget the elements and also will never confuse as another common man.

Increase Understanding Capacity

Vipassana Meditation - The Ancient MeditationĀ 

It also makes people more understanding. They get very clear about the concept of life. The person finds himself to be smarter and will increase their level of understanding towards others. Therefore could get quickly out from the position if stuck in a bad situation.

Overcome With Envious

The mediation helps the person to overcome the feeling of being jealous. And also stop competing with each other, envy feeling, etc. They are more to be a better person better than others and even more exceptional as they were never before. They stop competing with others and spend their life with satisfaction.


The person practicing mediation can, therefore, gain a lot of benefits. It helps in improving your memory, increasing your understanding capability, keep you healthy and motivated. Therefore, you must practice vipassana meditation to keep yourself healthy, fit, and happy.

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