Walking Meditation To Stay Focused

Walking Meditation To Stay Focused

Are you one of those who believe that one can only meditate on a yoga mat in a sitting position? Have you ever heard of meditating while walking? Walking meditation is like to meditate during a walk, but slower than the normal walk and with more coordination. There are a few specifications that one has to follow while performing walking meditation.

Steps To Start Walking Meditation

Walking Meditation To Stay Focused

Walking Meditation To Stay Focused

Look For A Place

The first step is to find a place where you can walk slowly without any external interruptions. It would be preferable if the chosen place is quiet when you’re walking without any pebbles or wet ground where you may have some chances of injuries.

Now if the place you’ve chosen is a public park, you’ll have to be prudent enough to not disturb the other people around you. And before starting in a public place, start walking at the terrace of your house, here the distraction is minimum and will help you with concentration too.

Let’s Begin Walking Meditation

One can call this kind of meditation as exercise meditation. After finding the place to walk, the next step is to anchor yourself. The first thing is to breathe deeply; this is how your whole attention will be gathered together. Get a better sense of the ground beneath your feet. Feel all the thoughts and sensations and accumulate them.

Now start walking slowly, with coordination. Usually, when one meditates, they are instructed to focus on breathing, but here you’re supposed to focus on the walking rather than breathing. For starting a walk of 10 minutes is good. Walk-in one particular motion of your choice and try to keep the motions the same and coordinated but slow. You have to remember that slow walking is what differentiates the meditate walking with the normal walks. Take a break whenever you feel like and stretch your body, stop and feel the body sensations.

Mindfulness While Walking

When you walk slowly, try to address all the thoughts and moods, manifest them. You don’t need to remember them. Just acknowledge them. And try to make peace with any negative thoughts and don’t be stiff while walking just walk normally.

Posture And Pace

The speed and which one has to walk varies from slow to extremely slow. You can position your hands in the position you’re comfortable with, either keep them behind or let them swing. Try to keep the body relaxed and walk with the flow. Apart from the pace, always remember the posture, keep your body straight and aligned, look in front with should width apart.

Walking Meditation Benefits

Walking Meditation To Stay Focused

Walking Meditation To Stay Focused

  • this walking meditation will help with better blood flow in the body.
  • Zen walking meditation has added benefits.
  • It is better for mindfulness.
  • It absorbs all the natural goodness from mother earth.


Therefore, when one performs seated meditation, the chances of distraction are higher because your eyes are closed, and the body is static, whereas, in walking meditation, your body is moving—at the same time, meditating, which makes it easier for you to be mindful of all the body sensations.


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