types of Relay Race

What Are The 5 Most Popular Types Of Relay Race?

A relay race is an activity in which a complete team takes part rather than just an individual. When a team member completes a lap, he passes on baton or a flag to the next team member who’s standing at the end of the lap. All the members of the team combine their strengths and also abilities to bring home success to the team. Distance to cover in a lap varies from race to race, but relay races during the Olympics are of 1600 and 400 meters. This type of sport develops teamwork, coordination, and likewise boosts self-confidence. There are different types of relay race, which therefore are a part of many major sports events.

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The five most popular relay races are discussed below.


Sprint medley relay race:

The sprint medley relay is a type of relay race in which groups having four members compete with each other by furthermore running to cover the distance. It differs from other relay races as every athlete of the team runs a different length. The race commonly has two single long events, also followed by two short sprints. It usually has two variants of 800 or 1600 meters. The race is also mostly famous in the USA at high school level but isn’t aviailable in Olympics events. It is an excellent way for athletes to therefore have experience in running relay races.

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Shuttle hurdle relay race:

It is a type of relay race in which hurdles are placed in the track. Runners have to pass through different obstacles in order to complete their sprints. Many teams take place, and each team has four runners. Every participating team occupies two adjacent lanes on a track. No flag or baton are available in this type of relay race. On an eight-lane track, no more than four teams are allowed to take place in this relay race competition as every team occupies two adjacent lanes on the track. This race is a part of accessible relay race meetings like Penn or likewise Drake Relays.

Long-distance relay race:

A long-distance relay race is one of the hottest race events in the world right now. It is a multi day race that draws a huge crowd of runners of likewise different skill levels. The distance that teams cover is usually around 200 miles. Some team members reach an exchange point by running, and the rest of the team members arrive there by van. This race can last for more than a day.

Long-distance relay race

Cross Country: Types of Relay Race:

In this type of relay race, people from across the country likewise take part in it. This race event furthermore takes place in the cross-country season. Teams participating in it are pairs of runners. It is famous in different parts of the world like Canada, the USA, and moreover Australia.

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Shuttle Relay Race:

In this type of relay race, team members have to run back and forth over a single straight track. Every team is split into half, and team members are at both ends of the track. A baton or a flag is commonly carried by runners when track and field settings are available. The distance usually covered in this race is around 10 to 50 meters.

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