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What Are The New Things In 2019-2020 NBA Season


NBA is known to change the way every one thing about it. That stands true even with the current season. A lot of things are unchanged. But there are also a few things that would amaze you to the core. NBA progresses on the talks of MVP. Giannis is the favorite. But, don’t haste to judgment. Luka is not far behind. There is also James. Not Harden but Lebron. Yes, the king is back. So, without any ado, let us jump into the interesting facts of the season.

Legend Of Luka Donćić

Luka was very impressive in his first season. Things didn’t change even in the current season. He is holding up to the expectations of the experts. Well, why not. He is the reigning Rookie Of The Year. Towards the end of the year, there was a talent clash between him and Trae Young. But from the start of the season, the legend made it clear that Trae is not Luka. Even Stephen. A is in agreement with the statement. So, let us wait and see how far the MVP contestant is going to take his expectation once he returns back from his ankle injury.

Lebron James Defence

Lebron’s Defence had become more or less an issue for the lakers in the last season. But the king is back to his defensive player of the year kind of defense. A lot of experts credit Anthony Davis for the king’s improvement in the defense. But, better late than never, the king seems to have realized the importance of chips in bringing comparisons with Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.

Giannis Antetokounmpo 3 point shooting

The Reigning MVP of the NBA is not backing down from shooting three’s. He is already making three’s like the dunks. Although most of his three’s are not contested, he has become an unstoppable force in a few contested shots as well. Giannis was not as good a three-point shooter as he is today. He told in a press conference last season that his main focus will on improving his three-point shooting. In a game against Heat, he scored four three-point shots. Like what most of the experts say, the league will be finding for answers if he gets in a zone with shooting three’s.


Miami Heat And Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler’s trade to Philadelphia raised many eyebrows. But this offseason he decided to join Miami Heat. Well, a lot of criticism was on his way. But he took it Jimmy way. As we all know that Jimmy is the leader of a bunch of young guns who are yet to rise in the new Miami Heat lineup. With Nunn and Hero playing their part in the heat winning a lot of games, Butler has no complaints so far about how the game is going with him. Heat is in the top 5 of the eastern conference at this moment. But, let us wait and watch how it goes for them under the leadership of Jimmy Butler.


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