Why Running Outside Can Improve Your Overall Fitness

Why Running Outside Can Improve Your Overall Fitness

Have you been planning to go for running outside? Are you unsure of whether it will be worthy enough for your body? According to many renowned experts and researchers, the evolution of the human body into this shape makes us because we are born efficient runners. The structure of our lower body; hips, legs, feet, and the ability of our skin to sweat makes it possible for humans to be endurance runners.

And since the structure supports running, it is definite to be of crucial importance for any individual. It is true that exercises are the best form of medication for any treatment but running solely is capable of providing a human body with almost every benefit that all of the combined exercises would. While it is also crucial to attend gyms and workout, but the mental and aesthetic benefits of running outside is different from any other exercise.

Running Outside Reduces Mortality Rate

Why Running Outside Can Improve Your Overall Fitness

Why Running Outside Can Improve Your Overall Fitness

Studies claim that as humans age the body, as well as the mind, fails to keep up with the aging process, which is why they turn to grow weaker with passing years. A permanent and effective solution to this is performing exercises regularly. Individuals running daily for about 30 minutes are less likely to fall ill or show signs of long term illness; like cancer and also helps slow down the aging process effectively.

Running Outside Helps Trim Fat Bellies

It is common to witness individuals aging above 40 with loose bellies. It is either because to too much junk and fats or because of too little physical activity. Experts claim that any individual who runs effectively more than 30 miles a week is sure to gain lean mass throughout his/her middle age; with no risk of getting fat. Just remember to keep up with running outside.

Maximizes Calorie Burning Capacity

When it comes to comparing calorie burns while running; or while lifting heavy weights at the gym, the former always wins. An hour of the average speed of running burns almost twice the number of calories one can burn in an hour of a gym session. And you can even think about when to run inside on the treadmill creating the outdoor stimulation effect by altering the elevation settings to 1% decline.

Running Outside Helps Improve Sleep, Focus, And Enhances Mood

Among the most crucial benefits of running is that it helps our mind and body function more effectively with the daily routine. An individual who has a habit of running for about 30 minutes a day and five days a week; at a moderate speed will begin to witness all the positive signs of running outside; post three weeks only. It not only provides one with better sleep during the night and helps wake up fresh but also enhances the functioning ability of the body with reduced fatigue.

Enhances Stress Resistance Ability

Why Running Outside Can Improve Your Overall Fitness

Why Running Outside Can Improve Your Overall Fitness

An essential part of training for any sport or just exercising is to try to enhance the resilience ability of the brain; to cope up with added stress. The success to go far lies behind this ability. The more the mind and body can cope up with extra stress. The more likely chances are to excel in any sport or competition. Running helps the brain to produce more neurotransmitters that allow it to generate; more neurons and cope up with extra stress.


Thus, to boost up your spirit and motivate you to continue with the practice of running; here, we present this article featuring some of the essential advantages of going for a run regularly.


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