Youngest Male Tennis Grand Slam Winners

Youngest Male Tennis Grand Slam Winners

The Grand Slam tournaments are the greatest tennis achievement a player can aim for. Many great players don’t win a single slam in there long careers. However many others take the convoluted glory time. Some even do it in their teens and win many majors. In this article we take a look at the 4 youngest male players who won the Grand Slam title 

Micheal Chang The Youngest Grand Slam Winner: 17 years and 110 days

This Chinese born American took the tennis world by storm in Roland Garros 1989. At just 17 years of age, he beat Stefan Edberg of Sweden in a 5 set titanic clash. Chang became the youngest male player to lift a Grand Slam trophy. He continues to hold that amazing record even today after 24 years.

Interestingly it was the only Grand Slam title that Chang won in his tennis career. He did reach the finals of the Australian Open and US Open in 1996 but finished as a runner up. Chang was the 1st ever Chinese tennis player to lift a title. He also rose to the career-best ranking of World Number 2. 

Boris Becker: 17 years and 228 days

Youngest Male Tennis Grand Slam Winners

Becker was nicknamed as boom-boom in tennis. He became the Grand Slam title winner at the young age of just above 17 years at Wimbledon 1985. It was the start of a great career that would make the German one of the best Grass court players ever. He played 7 finals at Wimbledon and lifted the title 3 times.

The German star also became the World Number 1 in his career. Also, he won 6 Grand Slam titles in his illustrious career. Apart from the 3 trophies at Wimbledon, Becker also won the Australian Open twice and the US Open once. He is regarded as one of the most naturally gifted players in the game. 

Mats Wilander: 17 years and 293 days

Wilander won the French Open 1982 while being unseeded in the tournament. He was aged just 17 years and 293 days then The Swede beat the tournament favorite Guillermo Vilas of Argentina in the final. Mats would then go on to win 2 more Grand Slams in Paris taking his total French Open trophies to 3.

The Swede who was also World Number 1 won 7 Grand Slam titles in her career. He won 3 titles in Australia and 1 at the US Open along with the 3 at Roland Garros. Wimbledon was the only tournament where Wilander never succeeded in reaching the finals. 

Bjorn Borg Won Grand Slam At An Age Of 18 years 10 days

Youngest Male Tennis Grand Slam Winners

He was the first true rock-star of tennis. Borg won 11 Grand Slam titles in his career. These included 5 Wimbledon titles and 6 trophies at the French Open. The Swede won his 1st Grand Slam title at Roland Garros 1974 when he was just above 18 years of age. It was the start of a mutual love affair that would last for many years.

No tennis player ever dominated the slow clay of Roland Garros and the fast Grass of Wimbledon like Bjorn Bork did. The former World Number 1 retired prematurely from tennis at the age of 26. If he had carried on for a few more years, Borg would certainly have added a few more Grand Slam titles to his tally. 

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